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Tec Diving in Pattaya
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Deep Diving in Pattaya
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Scuba Diving in Pattaya

Learn Tec Diving

Pattaya Technical Diving. We are located within short distance of four major steel shipwrecks, the Hardeep, the HTMS Khram, HTMS Kut and the Petchburi Bremen, as well as numerous coral sites.

The diving here is consistent all year round, with 5-15 meters visibility.

It is an ideal place for your dive training.

TecRec Diving and training courses with Mermaids Dive Center in Pattaya

We offer all facilities for all technical training as well as diving, whether it be recreational or professional courses or diving.

In our main shop, Mermaids Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand we have a full gas filling station that allows for all EANX as well as Helium fills, regardless of mix and level required.

At Pattaya technical diving, we can even teach you all TecRec courses if you qualify all the way to Tec Trimix Diver.

In addition to this, we have several fully serviced Technical Equipment sets (serviced after every use), so that you don?t have to bring your own, but if you want to, you can then just set up on our twins.

Deep Dives in Pattaya - The "Samaesan Hole"

The Samaesan Hole is one of 12 of the World’s Most Deep & Dangerous Dive Sites. It is a 90 m deep former military ammunition dump, located in an active shipping channel between the islands of Ko Chuang and Ko Samae San. Technical divers to this place to learn and practice trimix dive courses.

The "Hole" of Samaesan, PattayaIt’s called an ‘explosive dump ground’ on marine charts because it contains unexploded bombs.

Samaesan Hole is known to be one a dive with the strongest currents to be found in this area and is not suitable for beginner or even intermediate level divers.

Light doesn't penetrate here and diving conditions are extremely dangerous. This, however, doesn't stop technical divers and dive junkies from coming to Pattaya and learn trimix diving.

Only few divers reached the sandy bottom and reported beautiful underwater landscapes with large amounts of marine and coral life.

It was reported that the first successful dive into the bottom of this site was made by Mermaids' Steve E. Burton and Scuba Moose' Claes Martinsson in 1998.

We teach Tec Deep, Trimix 65 and Tec Trimix Diver courses here. If you are qualified and interested in taking Advanced Trimix course, please contact us for more information.